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Evolution not revolution

Over the years, fashion has evolved into a mega-industry. Spawning unfair and unsustainable systems of production, it has now reached a breaking point where many consumers, including us, refuse to look away. We want to inspire the industry to evolve into a better one. We asked ourselves how we could join the industry in a constructive way and decided to follow 4 golden rules: 

  • Make a product last. Putting quality and design first is the core of sustainability.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. One impeccable wardrobe, no overhyped collections.
  • Made in Europe only. A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with is a must, not a plus.
  • Always a fair price. You pay for the quality of the product itself, not for the marketing machine around it.


Want to know how we bring the golden rules into practice? We work on our sustainable mission within 3 categories: Sustainable products, Sustainable planet and Sustainable people.

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Sustainable products

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Sustainable planet

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Sustainable people

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