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With Teym, we’re building a smart company that is eco-friendly, sustainable and independent of investors. To do so, we keep Teym’s team small in order to stay flexible and personal. We strongly believe in a conscious lifestyle and only work with people who share that belief with us. We produce only in Europe to have short and direct lines of contact.

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Where we’re at

All of the factories Teym works with are located in Europe. We want to keep it close to home so we can visit our partners often, can make sure that they are all well and are always up to date on how things are going. Before we decide to work with a factory there is a strict selection, which has the same structure as this page: product, planet and people. We want the factories we work with to be sustainable and innovative in all these areas: the best quality products, the most sustainable way of producing and fair working conditions for all employees. Above all, we need to feel that we can trust and respect each other. We are very proud of all our factories, want to know more? Visit our factories page.

Business partners

Where we’re at

Besides our factories Teym has business partners for other matters within the company. If electing those, the same standards apply as for the factories. We want an optimal and diverse network and try to find the right balance in gender, origin and colour, everyone included. We search for partners that search for innovative solutions if we face a problem and think along with us about environmental concerns. From packaging, labels, hangtags, cards and office supplies to the people we work with for online marketing – we always search for partners that make us feel comfortable. If our gut feeling tells us no, it is a no.


Where we’re at

What if you can’t find high quality sustainable products? You make them yourself. With her strong look on fashion Maxime started Teym in 2015. Sustainability is something that is implemented in all aspects of the company and therefore the team is also built in a sustainable way. The Teym Family is slowly growing and now consists of 5. We all share Maxime’s values and beliefs to live more consciously and slowly evolve the fast-fashion industry into a better one.

We motivate and inspire each other, create a comfortable work environment where everyone feels at ease and always work together as a team to get the best results.


  • Set up a direct communication line from all factory HR departments to the Amsterdam office, that is always attainable to resolve all problems as efficiently as possible.
  • Only work with partners that search for innovative ways to reduce our waste and impact.
  • No matter what size our team is, keep our way of working and our bond as strong as it is now.