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At Teym, we always take the impact we have on the environment into consideration when making decisions about design, production, transportation and so on. As a fashion brand you need inevitable resources to produce and ship clothes. We believe in producing smart and consciously to have the least impact. It’s in our DNA to put quality first, so you will enjoy the items longer and have to buy less.   

Teym - Sustainability - Planet - 1

Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Where we’re at

The production of clothing costs a lot of energy. We want to do this in a responsible way and only work with factories who feel the same. When sourcing a factory we pay attention to where their energy comes from and consider what actions they take to reduce the amount they use. The possibility for us to contribute ideas for even more improvement to for example use less energy during production or use more green energy is a must for us at Teym. Because we only produce in Europe, the tracing of the energy can be very accurate. A good example of a factory we have a great collaboration with is Limonta, a frontrunner on innovative energy usage. They have numerous high-yield photovoltaic panels to produce sustainable energy.



  • Increase the use of green energy at our factories by 20% a year. We want to reach this goal by introducing greener alternatives for energy supply such as:
  • Installing solar panels    
  • Windmills
  • Biomass from waste streams

Water usage

Where we’re at

We are in close contact with all our suppliers to improve awareness of water pollution risks and try to tackle them. When designing the products and choosing our fabrics we always have the amount of water consumption in mind and actively try to reduce it by sourcing innovative solutions together with the factories. An example is to have a closed loop system where chemicals and dye are reused, as those are the most water intensive aspects of production. Achieving the perfect colour and finish is a difficult process that unfortunately often has to be repeated with new collections and therefore costs twice as much water. Where most brands have a different colour palette every year and have to search for the perfect composition, Teym has a permanent collection. Our factories know exactly how to create our colours and finishes thus we skip the trial and error phase and with this we save water. To raise awareness with our customers, care instructions are enclosed with every purchase to provide qualitative alternatives to washing. 



  • Work with factories that try to eliminate water usage as much as possible, support our goals and make them even more ambitious.
  • Stimulate long-usage of clothing 
  • Stimulate less washing and providing tips and tricks to reduce the amount of washes of a garment. 

Chemical use and disposal

Where we’re at

As we solely produce in Europe, our factories have to meet the strict European guidelines for chemical use and disposal. In order to assure a long life-span of our garments, we sometimes need chemicals to make sure the products are water resistant and maintain their original colour.

To use as little chemicals as possible, we prefer to work with factories that have a closed loop system reusing any needed  chemicals instead of disposing them after one use. We aim to use less chemicals, at the same time we do want to keep putting quality and functionality first. We are constantly looking for suitable options to replace all chemical processes used within production. When there are alternatives that are as long-lasting and have the same insured quality we will switch right away. 



  • The goal is to eliminate hard chemicals in dye by 2030.
  • Only use vegetable tanned leather by 2024


Where we’re at

At Teym we use 100% recycled paper, cards, labels and stickers. Our suppliers are aware of our goal to solely use recycled materials in packaging and work their best to grant that wish. The inevitable polybags that are used to protect our products during shipping at Teym are made of 100% recycled plastic, that are collected after use within the whole supply chain to make sure they get sorted properly. We are exploring options for bio degrabable polybags in the near future. The paper bags the products are shipped in are made out of 100% recycled paper and are created to use as less paper as possible but still maintain the strength of a carton box.

Getting our products from the factory to us and from us to our customer in perfect state is the most important, but our goal is to keep our packaging waste to a minimum. At our Amsterdam office we only use 100% recycled materials, but within the supply chain there are still things to improve. Together with our factories we work hard to reach the goal of only using recycled materials within our whole supply chain. We not only want the boxes our production is shipped in to consist of 100% recycled material, we want to recycle them again after use for a closed loop.



  • Eliminating recycled plastic where we can and swap to biodegradable options. 
  • Eliminating usage of plastic and excessive packaging in our entire supply chain.


Where we’re at

All orders within The Netherlands will be shipped by Fietskoeriers, who pick up and deliver by bike in over 60 cities in The Netherlands and Belgium with new cities added weekly. If their service is not yet available for a certain address, they will hand over the parcel to the greenest alternative. By choosing Fietskoeriers, the CO₂ emissions on the total journey of a package is reduced by 60% compared to delivery by delivery van. This is an increasing number as more and more cities are joining Fietskoeriers. The packages are picked up by bike, brought to a local hub where they are sorted and brought to your nearest hub in green gas vans. From here they will be delivered by bike or handed over to DHL for you if bike couriers are not available in your hometown yet. 


International packages will be delivered by national and local couriers via Skynet. 


All our orders are shipped in recycled FSC certified boxes without any excessive packaging. We encourage customers to re-use or recycle the boxes after the order arrives.


We want to keep the amount of unnecessary buys and returns down. To do this we have an extensive size chart our customers can use so they will know their exact size. Also they can always contact our customer support to help them find their perfect fit. Returning orders is at the expense of the customer to stimulate conscious purchasing behaviour.


We constantly update and improve our size charts and encourage our customers to collect their order at our studio, to fit and feel the product before buying in order to minimise our return and exchange rate. Currently this rate is very low: about 13% compared to the industry standard of 20-30%. 



  • Deliver by bike in 100+ cities internationally by 2023
  • Yearly lower our return rate even further to 10%

Textile waste

Where we’re at

During the design process at Teym the construction of the garment in relation to textile waste is taken in mind. The first designs are made digitally to reduce the amount of sample waste. After this the patterns are plotted on the fabrics to use as little fabric as possible. Because of our permanent collection we evaluate after every production on what ways we can improve, refine and optimize our patterns. 



  • Minimize textile waste further by saving usable pieces for future production. 
  • Recycling our textile waste into new projects or future productions