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We believe that the most durable purchase is the one you will wear and enjoy the longest. By making quality and timeless design the core of our business, our products are truly made to last.

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Cost transparancy

Where we’re at

Magnificent products at a fair price.

We believe honest products should also have an honest price tag. We produce in the same European factories as well known designer brands, but our prices are lower. How come? We skip unnecessary costs by eliminating middlemen and expensive marketing campaigns. You only pay for an impeccable product.


How we do it

  • We don’t let you pay for middlemen or expensive marketing campaigns
  • We run our organization efficient as greased lightning
  • We don’t do sales – at Teym you have a fair price the entire year round


Where we’re at

The design process of our items takes a lot of time and precision. We want to achieve an outcome that will stand the test of time and will never lose its function. To do so we select the highest quality, most suitable textiles and consider the optimal fabric weight for the product. This is to keep absolut quality and also minimize our environmental impact. We look beyond the latest trends so our designs remain timeless. We test our items over and over again to make sure to fit all body types, and once a product is added to the collection it is here to stay permanently.  No seasons, no sale, no excessive stock, no waste.



  • Create a small but complete complementary wardrobe  
  • Inspire other brands to follow our path in producing less but better clothing. 
  • Inspiring people to invest in classic pieces that can be worn and enjoyed a lifetime. 
  • Eliminate virgin materials / plastic as soon as recycled options meet our quality requirements

Life cycle

Where we’re at

Our basic principles are based on the fact that the lifespan of the product comes first in terms of design and quality. To achieve this, we solely pick the materials that last the longest, visually and functionally. Within this we choose the most sustainable option available, as we found along the way that often materials made out of new resources are stronger and take less energy to produce than recycled materials. Using recycled materials must comply with our quality standards, and we are ready to swap any material we use for a more sustainable option if new innovations arise. 

We supply free yarn to fix small holes and help customers with tips and tricks when something is in need of repair and care. This way the items can be worn for years until they are ready for recycling. Did you know that all of our fabrics consist 100% of the same material to make sure they can easily be recycled?



  • Create an extensive care guide with videos that our customers can follow at home or which their local tailor can use when repairing an item to extend the life of the garment.