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Why Teym doesn’t offer sale

/ Words: Melanie van Berkel

/ Category: Sustainability

/ Published: January 2022

Why Teym doesn’t offer sale

Mid-season sale, Black Friday and early bird sale. Sometimes, it looks like it’s raining sales. Whereas we could only buy discounted leftover items at the end of the season a decade ago, the stores are already advertising their discounted winter clothes in mid October.  But is sale actually as good as it seems and why are we so extremely driven by buying discounted items? In this blog post we’ll tell you more about the downside of sale and we’ll explain why our brain is hooked on discounts. 

Why our brain is hooked on discounts

On average, people only wear 50 percent of the items they own. In the meantime, they are buying new items season after season. We know, it isn’t always easy to avoid buying clothes you don’t need. Especially when you don’t have to pay the full price. Before you know it, you’ve already bought that discounted sweater you definitely don’t need, because you couldn’t miss that good deal.

It’s not strange at all that you are tempted by discounts over and over again. Our brain is wired to be head over heels for sale. Discounts function like a drug. When you buy new stuff, your brain releases dopamine. This is why you feel happy after scoring a ‘good’ deal. Besides that, discounts also trigger another part of our brain: loss aversion. The feeling of losing something is far more intense than the feeling of joy when you win. That’s why we will do anything to avoid missing a single chance. In short, we’re suffering from sales FOMO.

An explanation of our love for sale of course doesn’t rectify our behavior. However, by recognizing why we make the same mistake over and over again, we can start working on changing our behavior. This all because discounts aren’t always as good as they seem.

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The downside of sale

Who thinks that discounts are mainly in the advantage of the customer, is sadly wrong. Brands actually are really good magicians. Unfortunately, they don’t magically pull money out of a hat for you. On the contrary, they make money disappear out of your wallet. You think you’ve actually scored a good deal by paying less for a product, but because of the low prices brands often have to cut back on quality, design or working conditions to still be able to make profit. Because the brands are focusing on making more for less, they lose sight of making qualitative items for a fair price.

Discounting items is not only used to give ‘old’ clothes a chance to find a new owner. It has become a marketing truc. Most fashion brands are built to sell as many products as possible for the lowest price possible. Through discounts they try to stimulate overconsumption. With your ‘good’ deal you invest your money into a polluting system that is made to produce more every year.


This is not the only problem that discounts bring along. Sale diminishes the value of products. Because the customers pay less for their items, the products decrease in value. This makes it more likely that the garments will be treated with less care or the clothing will end up in the bin after a relatively short period of time. 

Nowadays, customers are used to cheap clothes and bottom prices. Therefore, they don’t want to pay a higher price anymore. Clothing has become a disposable product. Because of this we end up in a vicious circle of producing more, throwing away more and harming the planet more.

Why we don’t go on sale

At Teym we go against the grain. By saying ‘no’ to sale we want to contribute to a better planet. We have chosen to focus on making timeless, qualitative designs instead of selling as much as possible for bottom prices.

Our timeless pieces stay in our collection permanently, so our items will keep their value. No end of season sale needed! This also helps our customers to make purchases that are well considered.

Consuming consciously doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Because we don’t join the sale madness, you pay a fair price for our products all year round. 

We believe that the future of fashion can be slow and sustainable by buying less and choosing quality before quantity.  


Do you want to know more about our vision? Take a look at our about Teym page.