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Five most iconic classics of all time

/ Words: Melanie van Berkel

/ Category: Style

/ Published: December 2021

Five most iconic classics of all time

Made of recycled polyester, ‘fair’ working conditions or recycled packaging. These terms are parts of a sustainable process which immediately pop up in your mind when we are talking about sustainability. But let’s not forget another really important part of sustainability: the longer a product lasts, the more sustainable it is. Through the years there are several brands which have managed to design products which are passed on from generation to generation. These items have hardly changed and yet they’re still popular among a wide variety of people. These classics inspire us to make quality products which will stand the test of time. This is why we listed our favorite classics for you! In this blog we will tell you everything you want to know about the most iconic classics of all time.

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Timeless classic 1: The Burberry trench coat

If there’s an item that has survived the test of time, it’s the Burberry trench coat. This iconic coat didn’t leave the streets since the First World War. At the time, Thomas Burberry designed the coat for the soldiers who had to fight at the frontlines. The trenchcoat has made a remarkable impression since then. From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the vintage shop around the corner, the Burberry coat can be found everywhere. The coats are often passed on from generation to generation. Whether it’s 1980 or 2021, the timeless classic is never a wrong idea. Its camel color and simple yet functional timeless design makes it easy to style the coat with several different items.

Timeless classic 2: Levi’s 501

From Steve Job’s casual wardrobe to Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous style. Almost everyone has ever owned a Levi’s 501. The iconic pair of jeans with stiff fabric and straight legs is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. 

You can spot the style on the first page of the jeans’ history book already. The 501 is known as the first pair of blue jeans. In 1873, miners needed a tough pair of trousers that would withstand the harsh conditions in the mines. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis decided to add rivets to the points where the fabric could easily rip and the very first pair of blue jeans was born. However, the jeans were called XX instead of 501. Later on, around 1890, they named the XX after a new production of the jeans and the pants got its famous name: the Levi’s 501.

Except for the name, the pair of jeans has hardly changed since then and this timelessness gives a sense of comfort. You know what you get yourself into when you buy a 501.

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Timeless classic 3: De Chanel 2.55 bag

It’s hard to imagine, but before 1955 it was not done to wear a bag over your shoulder as an upper-class lady. A ‘real’ lady carried her handbag in her hands.

Coco Chanel was tired of this etiquette and decided to design a handbag with a strap. Voilà, the Chanel 2.55 bag was born. The bag is, quite creatively, named after the time it was designed. Two stands for the second month of the year and 55 for the year the bag was launched. In all those years, the bag has hardly changed, only the lock has had a slight transformation. They changed the well-known Mademoiselle lock to the CC lock. Something that has changed after all is the price. In 1955 you could buy the bag for 220 dollars, nowadays the bag costs around 6000 euros. This doesn’t withhold people from buying the bag, the 2.55 has been dominating the streets for decades.

Timeless classic 4: Dr. Martens

Almost every shoe lover swears by it, the Dr. Martens boots. The black leather boots have been an absolute hit for many years. However, wearing them doesn’t come easy. The shoes don’t fit perfectly, like Cinderella’s glass heels, from the moment you put them on. Because of the stiff leather, it takes a little while before they adapt to your feet. After the first painful steps, the joy will come your way, because the boots are made to last many years.

The shoe was born out of a strong collaboration between two companies. Ex-soldier dr. Klaus Maertens designed an air-cushioned sole to provide more comfort for his broken foot. He teamed up with his former classmate Herbert Funk and they started their footwear business together. A few years later, Klaus and Herbert wanted to expand their business overseas. This is when the Griggs family enters the scene. The Griggs bought a license to use the dr. Maertens air-cushioned soles and they added the signature yellow stitching and branded heel loop. This marks the official beginning of the famous Dr. Martens boots. Originally, the shoes were workwear items. They were used by mailmen and factory workers, so you couldn’t exactly call it fashion. Until they, by the surprise of the company itself, caught the attention of several British subcultures. These subcultures had in common that they rebelled against the current fashion trends by wearing working class clothes. Guitarist of the band the Who, Pete Townshend, was the first celebrity who wore Dr. Martens to honour his working class roots. Together with the youth subcultures, he made the leather boots a fashion item.

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Timeless classic 5: Birkenstocks

The Birkenstock slipper may seem like an odd item in the list of iconic classics. Yet, the slipper is a relevant addition to this article. The slipper is the example of timeless design focused on comfort and quality which still has many fans after all those years. Before Birkenstock launched their first pair of slippers, the company was mainly specialized in making comfortable footbeds. In 1963, they decided to take the plunge. That year, the first ever fitness slipper was invented. Back then, the slippers looked similar to the ones they’re still producing. The slippers weren’t so popular in those years, but the shoe was embraced by the hippies because of its unconventional look. However, the CEO of Birkenstock doesn’t worry about trends. He’s convinced that the quality of his products will ensure that everything will be alright.

Teym’s classics

At Teym, the core of our sustainable practices is that we make quality products which will last a lifetime. We strive to make classics which will never go out of style. By searching for the right fabrics, paying our full attention to our designs and selecting the right manufacturers we make sure that our products are well made. This is how we strive to develop timeless classics which will be yours for many years to come.  

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