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Macosmi – Santo Tirso, Portugal

Unrivalled footbeds, sublime lasts and top-notch leather: our Portugese footwear partner has it all. With over 40 years of experience in house, they shared with us their inexhaustible knowledge to develop the world’s best Chelsea Boot. When we set out to make The Chelsea Boot, we knew what would be most important: a comfortable footbed to support long, busy days.

Why we chose it

In an industry that’s truly about craftsmanship, we were looking for a partner that has moved with the times and is able to combine traditional techniques with innovative technology. To create a timeless Chelsea Boot, we needed a factory that could develop footwear the slow way.  We found our footwear partner, Macosmi, In the heart of the historic region of Guimarães, one of the world’s best spots for top-notch quality shoes. Their transparency, loyalty and genuine fascination and love for footwear convinced us that this would be the start of a long-term partnership.

The process

Made by hand in over 150 steps, The Chelsea Boot is carefully engineered to serve exceptional comfort without compromising on the refined sophistication that characterizes Teym. From the sourcing of the leather to developing the last, all is done with the longevity of the product and environment on top of mind. During our tour through the factory we were highly impressed. The factory of our partner is filled with high-tech machinery, which makes the process well organized, efficient and sustainable. Not a single millimeter of leather is wasted and all steps have keen attention to detail.