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Supercorte – Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

Developing a handcrafted shirt that looks smart and feels comfortable, is a highly complex and precise process. We’ve entrusted this delicate task to the true masters at Supercorte, based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal. Since 1961 they have specialised in shirts of all kinds for varied high-end clients. The company has the most strict quality control we have seen around, supported by tests performed in internal laboratories, making sure all our shirts are premium quality.


Why we chose it

If a place focuses on the production of a single product-type, you can be pretty sure it’s good. Supercorte is the undisputed leader when it comes to the production of shirts. Cuffs, cuts, collars and plackets – they are experts down to the millimeter and on all production techniques. In addition to their shirting knowledge, Supercorte pays extensive attention to human rights such as discrimination, worthy wages and a healthy work environment, which they transparantly showcase in their ethics and business policy. Their efforts paid off, supercorte obtained the quality certification ISO 9001:2000.

The proces

Supercorte combines the latest technologies with traditional knowledge based on decades of shirt-making. The machines they use to …. are known as best of the best, which allows them to pioneer new working methods and production processes. Together with Supercorte we firstly researched a multifunctional fabric that had to look elegant and would not need a lot of attention after washing. After 10 rounds of sampling, washing machine tests and adjustments on the fit – such as the right cuff length – we could conclude that we developed The Shirt that meets Teym’s and Supercorte’s demands.