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Naples, Italy

Italy is famous for its fine leather goods, so when we decided to produce bags, we knew where we had to go. In the south of the country, our manufacturer employs around 30 people in their small, specialised factory.


Why we chose it

Our local Napolitan factory is a family business that works with the industry’s very best, and when we met them, we clicked right away. The quality of the work they produce is impeccable, just how we like it, and their small-scale operation allows us to keep track of the process from start to finish.

The process

As well as being a small, family oriented business, this factory has all of the technical know how to produce beautiful leather goods that we know will last. With fabric from Costa Masnaga, hardware from Chiuduno and leather from Pisa, a team of craftspeople combine traditional techniques with new technology to craft the perfect leather goods for the impeccable wardrobe.