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Baltic Sewing – Kaunas, Lithuania

Based in Kaunas, Lithuania, a small team of specialists develops our 100% weatherproof parkas. Baltic Sewing is a small but exceptionally advanced factory with specialized machinery to ensure the best possible output. Our Lithuanian factory helped us out perfectly to create our very first product, which was the beginning of a truly valuable partnership.

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Why we chose it

Baltic Sewing was founded by a young local entrepreneur Kęstutis, who wanted to do things differently. More efficient processes, focused on modern machinery and by building a smart supply chain. In the summer of 2010, and with the help of the European Social Fund, he bought a series of machines, a workspace and started running his impressive business. 

At the age of 24, our founder Maxime booked a flight to Kaunas and discussed the preliminary vision of Teym with Kęstutis. That’s where it all started. There was an instant match between Teym’s vision and Baltic sewing, and we’re proud of getting close to our 15th production round with them.

The process

Baltic Sewing’s team are experts in what they do. The workshop is up to date, and uses special machinery such as automatic pocket welting machines, hand-stitch sewing machines, and computer controlled button hole machines. Even the tiniest details are approached with care and expertise. Their double quality control system makes sure our Parka’s only leave the factory if they’re 100% perfect.