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ByTMS – Esposende, Portugal

Located in one of Portugal’s most beautiful areas in the small town of Esposende, our cotton partner ByTMS stands out for their excellent craftsmanship and their innovative way of working with organic cotton. Their passion to create high quality jerseys matches seamlessly with our quest for the perfect T-shirt, Tanktop and Sweatsuit. We have a special relationship, as we really teamed up to research and develop our very own premium fabrics.

Why we chose it

The owner of ByTMS, Tiago, is an experienced textile entrepreneur, who became very excited to hear about our vision of how our wardrobe and collection is developed, produced and sold. Together with Tiago’s years of experience we started a refined process. Being able to develop our very own fabrics was a must, as we wanted to make sure the French Terry (The Sweatsuit) and the rib jersey (The T-Shirt & The Tanktop) would fulfill all of our requirements. Tiago helped us the smoothest way imaginable.

The process

From the knitting mills to sewing the final garments, our jersey partner approaches the tiniest details with care and expertise. Samples, wear tests and washing trials: together we ping-pong until we are sure the quality of the production will stand the test of time. In that manner we for example developed and tested over 20 necklines for The T-Shirt to see which one would hold its shape for the long term. These incredibly precise processes rely on the well-calibrated knitting machines of our jersey partner.

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