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Limonta – Costa masnaga, Italy

If it comes to high quality woven fabrics, there is one indisputable leader: Limonta. This family-owned business works closely together with the most luxury brands and has been around since 1893. Limonta originally focused on producing high quality weaves for upholstery, but made a move towards fabrics for apparel, shoes and accessories. Long life assured. Together with Limonta we developed the special indestructible fabric for The Parka.

Why we chose it

There is no reason why not to work with Limonta: their fabrics are top quality, they research groundbreaking new fabrics with their vaunted laboratory and on top of that they take responsibility in making their business as sustainable as possible. To optimize waste recovery, all of their production processes are inspired by the philosophy of circular economy. Which is proven by their wide range of recycled fabrics. Not only are their processes sustainable, also their building, which uses numerous high-yield photovoltaic panels to produce sustainable energy.

The process

Limonta literally formed the start of Teym. The base of our first product, The Parka, had to be a technical fabric that would hold its colour to the max, be extremely versatile and 100% weatherproof. Together with Limonta we developed a strategy to develop a fabric that would meet all demands. After every Parka-season, we evaluate the performance of the fabric and make a plan for next season. Now that’s something special, Limonta definitely stands apart from the rest.

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