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Tanex – Bucharest, Romania

In an environment dominated by mass production and fast fashion, our beloved knitwear partner based in Bucharest rises above. Despite its large employee base, Tanex is still a true local business that takes good care of their community. Their impressive factory is one of the most modern facilities of its kind, no wonder that they partner up with Europe’s most well known top fashion brands. The relationship with Tanex is rock solid. Pretty essential, as we have developed numerous successful batches of The Merino Sweater since its introduction in 2017. 


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Why we chose it

We were led to this Romanian factory by its first-rate industry reputation. We loved the vibe immediately. Adina, who heads up the knitwear department, really has clothing manufacturing in her blood (her father worked in a clothing factory in the country’s Soviet days). She speaks four languages fluently and runs the department with unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise. We completely trust her. They work with the best of the best, and we knew we’d be able to create the perfect knits with them.


The process

Developing knitwear is a high-tech operation. Tanex’ team works with cutting edge technology, such as M1 & Sirix Software Systems for Stoll flat knitting machines and they have years of experience manufacturing luxury knitwear. Their state of the art machinery, in their 7500 m2 working space, makes the factory very productive so the working hours of the employees are respected. Our knitwear partner keeps delivering the same quality, time after time. Thanks to their high quality workmanship and streamlined processes.

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