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Biella – Italy

The beautiful city of Biella lies in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Here one can find the highest concentration of experienced European textile companies producing premium quality yarns. When we started developing our beloved Merino Sweater, this had to be the region to search for a partner who could provide the merino wool that would perfectly meet our standards. After our first acquaintance with Biella Yarn, we immediately knew we’d found our long-time partner. Biella Yarn is the premium label of the family-owned Südwolle Group, and offers the highest quality Merino yarns available on the market. Under the auspices of Südwolle, Biella Yarn produces in Bulgaria, Romania and Italy.



Why we chose it

If looking for a new partner there are two questions that we primarily ask ourselves: Can they deliver premium quality and is their supply chain as sustainable as possible? Biella Yarn answers both questions to great satisfaction. They have been widely recognized for their efforts towards minimizing their carbon footprint – for example by placing high-yield photovoltaic panels on their German and Italian factories. Together these buildings generate approximately 1,210,000 kWh each year. But their social practices go further. They take responsibility within the communities of their factories as well. For example by engaging in the Paslisa Orphanage in Romania where 200 young people with physical and mental disabilities are given opportunities for personal development and self-help.


The process

Developing The Merino Sweater and The Beanie is a process that consists of multiple stops. Biella Yarn takes care of the spinning, dying and treatment of the rough merino wool that comes in directly from the sheep farms. These farms are 100% traceable and located in England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, South America and the USA. In the last 20 years Biella Yarn have concentrated to automate and robotize their machines as much as possible to set up a production line that is as efficient and precise as possible. The final stop of producing The Merino Sweater and The Beanie is knitting the Merino wool yarn into our products. This takes place in our Romanian factory. 


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