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Golden Rules

Over the years, fashion has evolved into a mega-industry. Spawning unfair and unsustainable systems of production, it has now reached a breaking point where many consumers refuse to look away. We asked ourselves how we could be part of the industry without taking part in destructive practices and decided that Teym’s Impeccable Wardrobe will consist of nothing less than long-lasting favourites. In order to guide us along the way we created five Golden Rules: 


1. Slow and steady wins the race

We create one product at a time instead of an entire collection. This makes it possible to maintain a slower, more focused pace of product development and results in carefully considered products. No overhyped seasonal collections or pandering to short-lived trends.


2. Invest in a long-lasting wardrobe

We only create products that you genuinely want. Imagine the feeling of your favourite jeans. What if your entire wardrobe consisted of favourites? We create pieces you simply can’t wait to use, and that won’t go out of style either.


3. Expert quality only

At Teym, quality materials are equally important as great design. We believe that a good product isn’t made to be worn for only one season. The Teym wardrobe is made to be cherished, and if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you for years to come.


4. Sustainability is a bonus, never a compromise

Many of us currently eat, sleep and breathe a newfound religion of everything ‘green’. But, in fashion, ‘green’ is often dusty, boring and expensive. We want you to have it all; it’s all about efficiency, localism, authenticity and maximizing product lifespan. With Teym, you don’t have to compromise on style or substance.


5. Pay for the product, not the logo

We believe in transparency, so we only work with like-minded people and companies that share our values. Our efficient way of working means that we can eliminate expensive marketing and retail markups and give you access to luxury quality without luxury prices. We keep the chain of supply short so that we can be sure that nobody loses out.


“A product should be truly loved, well taken care of and worn over and over again”