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The Chelsea Boot-

Located in an area that's well known for it's impeccable craftsmenship, The Chelsea Boot factory truly stands out for it's passion for quality and fit. A team of specialists combine traditional techniques with innovative technology to create The Chelsea Boot.

Why we chose it

We know that classic boots come from classic techniques. So when we set out to make The Chelsea Boot, we knew that we needed to go to the source of footwear-making: Santo Tirso. The area of Santo Tirso is the undisputed leader when it comes to footwear manufacturing. We knew directly that this area, which is home to many talented shoemakers, would be the ideal place to realise our ambitious chelsea boot. Once we met Paolo, who has over 30 years of experience in boot-making, we knew we've found our match. He assured we would develop the most durable chelsea boot together, and he kept his promise.

The process

It was our ultimate goal to develop a chelsea boot that feels like a sneaker and looks like a classic boot. Together with Paolo, we developed over 10 prototypes to come to the ideal version: The Chelsea Boot. We paid extra attention to the cushioning of the inner soles, the strength and durability of the outer soles and the quality of the leather. All should stand the test of time to become your favourite boot.


Quality assurance management ISO 9001 - 2008